Welcome to Evangelista Construction Inc.

We are a company with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, investing the last 11 years on the application of a special product known as stamped concrete. This is the latest in concrete work which consists on adding a decorative pattern to the regular advantages of the regular concrete.

Our experience along the years can be testified by the hundreds of satisfied customers around the GTA.

We have been involved in different kind of projects, both commercial and residencial, delivering always the same quality and paying special attention to those small details that make the difference.

We invite you to visit our projects section and to contact us if you require more information about our services, it's been an honour having you here.



We are looking for 2 form work carpenters with 5+ years of experience in the concrete industry with the following skill set.

Advanced knowledge of all the phases prior and post installation of Stamped Concrete, including but not limited to:

* Grading of project area, advanced knowledge of principles for levelling ground and related tools.
* Expert knowledge on reading blueprints and doing layouts of multi-elevation projects.
* Advanced knowledge of concrete forming techniques, including diverse type of form materials and their applications.Expert knowledge of forming principles on multi-elevation layouts.
* Expert knowledge of pouring concrete techniques, curing process and finishing methods, must have experience on installation of regular concrete and aggregates from pouring to finishing.
* Advanced knowledge on concrete colouring techniques, specifically on the colour hardener method. Must prove experience on the entire process from application to finishing.
* Expert knowledge of stamped concrete techniques, types of agent releases and their applications.
* Expert knowledge of concrete sealers, types and their applications.
* Experience performing foreman duties for a concrete company so that employee can lead the projects as required by the company.

In your possess the above mentioned skills and are interested in the positions, please send your resume to evangelistaconstructionjobs@gmail.com.

Only those individuals selected for further screening or interview will be contacted.